The Minority Traveler

The Adventures of a Traveling Gamer, Otaku, Black Expat


Why Don’t Black People Travel                                                      August 2017


Man it hurts to not more black people travel. Read more to see why

Black People Its Time to Go…Travel the World                                  June  2017


A message to any black reader. Hope this will encourage you to fufill your travel goals.

What Living Overseas Has Taught Me                                                 June  2017











Living as an expat has taught me so much from cooking to other skills.


6 Reasons to Visit Kota Kinabalu                                                     February 2017

Image result for kota kinabalu what to do

KK is a very slept on place. Anyone looking for a spot that different but also cheap, this is the place.

Places I want to Visit in 2017                                                               January 2017

A little challenge to myself if I can hit these places in 2017. If not there is always next year.

What I Miss about the USA                                                               December 2016

Everyone gets homesick occasionally. Whether you live in another city, state or country.

The PC Bang….A Gamers Paradise                                                       July 2016

PC bangs are a gamer’s paradise. Minus the smell of musty sweat and cigarettes


Afternoon Lunch with Soju                                                                  June 2016


Little morning run lead to meeting new people.

The Morning Run                                                                                      May 28, 2016

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